Mitch Keel Vassiliou - Kickflip / by me
Harrison Lisewski - Tre / by me
Mitch Keel Vassiliou - Nollie Big Heel / by me
Jarrod Alford - Late Shuv / by me
self portrait :P
Ned Briais - Ollie / by me
Jarrod Alford - Heelflip / by me
Rainer Giroud - BS Rock / by me
Gerry Cochrane - BS Smith / by me
by the way I’m apart of zine that you can read issue #1 here and you can like us on facebook here

sorry for infrequent posting to whoever actually cares haha. I’m in England for a holiday and haven’t been able to do much for a while. plus most photos i take are being saved for my zine¬†